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A new kiln is born 4

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

A door opens and an arch roof is planned.

The wicket (door) bricks have been numbered with iron oxide paint. The 'S' bricks are for the spyholes and will be cut later. There will be three of these in the wicket, bottom, middle and top. The two sides of the wicket are cut using an old wood saw. Clearly only alternate bricks are cut.

The wicket bricks removed revealing the pot chamber. The use of old and new insulation bricks is clearly seen. Note the firebricks at the base of the wicket. Stronger and harder to resist damage when loading/unloading the kiln.

Side arch bricks are laid on a sheet of paper between two points on a baseline marking the span of the roof. In order to get a good fit two full insulation bricks have been inserted. The angles at the ends of the baseline made with the end bricks will define the angles that need to be cut on the skewback bricks. These will support the arch when held in place with thrust bars linked to the ironwork frame.

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