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We're nearly there!

The new kiln has a new set of clothes and now has front and back doors!

Checking position of retaining iron grid and cutting holes for spyhole and access to replace firebars.

Cutting out 5 cm thick ceramic blanket and laying on top of iron grid, sandwiching aluminium foil in between.

Blanket and aluminium foil temporarily stitched to iron grid prior to fitting to walls of kiln

Blanket, aluminium foil and iron gris work in place held by threaded rods. Edges held together with wire.

Door frame made from welded channel iron. Refractory board and ceramic blanket cut to fit in channels. A nut and bolt welded on to cross bar as a handle for opening & closing.

Arrangement of door hinges. Lower door for gas inlet and raking ash bed. Upper door for loading wood to firebox. Similar doors at other end of kiln for other opposing firebox. I'm really happy with this arrangement. My future son-in-law has done a great job doing all the welding. He has now definitely earned the hand of my daughter in marriage!

Old gate pins welded onto the corner uprights of the main iron frame. Cut angle iron welded to the door and onto iron tubes which swivel in the gate pins.

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