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A new kiln is born 5

I've been out of action for a few weeks with an injured ankle so unable to make much progress with building but now I'm back in action and have finished the chimney, most of the ironwork and also the arch roof. It's beginning to look like a real kiln now!

Lower part of chimney showing 4 removable half bricks which will function as passive dampers.

Upper chimney continues with household bricks to a total height of 14 feet. Supporting iron framework and metal cowl still to be added. More bricks can be added if extra height is needed.

Welded thrust bar fixed to the main iron framework with bolts for future removal if needed.

Detail of thrust bar fixing. The threaded bar is welded to the rear of the back plate.

Wooden former in place (lowered slightly) supported on removable wood props.

Wooden former removed and the arch settles supported by the iron framework and thrust bars at either side of the kiln.

The next stage will be cutting and fixing ceramic blanket and aluminium foil to the outside of the whole kiln using iron mesh and welding and fixing iron work for the doors.

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