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A new kiln is born 2

The two fireboxes with firebars in position and the twin flue between them with the right hand one covered with firebricks.

The twin flues leading into the base of the chimney.The horizontal bricks protruding into the flues are moveable and can be removed to slow down the draw in the chimney and suck air in to complete any combustion within the chimney thus reducing any smoke emitting from the chimney. They can also be pushed fully in to isolate the kiln from the chimney at the end of the firing.

The chimney starting to grow with 4 spaces for removable bricks which can act as passive dampers and slow the draw through the kiln and allow greater heat build up in the pot chamber.

The finished internal flues ready to take the first base kiln shelves.

Ceramic paper lying on top pieces of kiln shelf on top of the fireboxes will reduce the cooling effect of cold air being sucked into the fireboxes having on the pot chamber.

The first layer of kiln shelves covering the flues but allowing sufficient gaps for exit into the flues from the pot chamber. Top left and bottom right show the exits from the fireboxes and bottom centre shows the main exit into the flues.

The external flue between the kiln and the chimney is covered by a kiln shelf allowing easy access when the kiln is cool for maintenance of the flues. Good place to cook pizzas!

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