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The first firing

After amassing and dismantling loads of old pallets and any available decent scrap wood the supply for the first firing looks adequate but I can't be sure there will be enough. Running out near the end would be a disaster but the kiln can also be fired with propane gas and I have plenty available if I need to finish the firing with gas. Before the actual firing I did a test run using some old thin scrap wood and reached 870 degrees C within about 4 hours. The kiln performed well so I am fairly confident it will do the job.

A trial of placing kiln shelves and filling the wicket (door) with the spy holes and thermocouple in place before doing the practice firing.

100 pots ready for packing.

Stages of packing. Rear stack full, front stack filling up and then full. Cones 8-11 placed at spy holes and a few other places at the back to get an overall picture of temperatures in different parts of the kiln.

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