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A new kiln is born

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

After a number of years of prevaricating I am finally starting to build a wood-fired kiln. I usually fire in a propane gas kiln but have dabbled with small 'Rocket' type kilns in the past. They gave good results but were not very efficient and were difficult to load and unload.

Having read Joe Finch's book, 'Kiln Construction - a step by step approach' I decided to build the wood &/or gas kiln that is detailed step by step in the book. This blog post and more to come will trace the build of the kiln mainly in pictures with a bit of chat and I hope it is of interest to you. Sometime in the spring I hope to do the inaugural firing, I have to make some pots to go inside the kiln first!

These initial photos show the firebrick base lying on a ceramic fibre blanket and the layout of the first level of bricks that define the fireboxes. The fibre blanket also extends to the chimney base and lies on top of a layer of large hollow concrete blocks. The 3rd photo shows perforated kiln shelving raised a few inches above the firebox floors and the internal flue arrangement. The 4th and 5th show the double internal flues in more detail with one of the flues starting to be covered by firebricks. Temporary fire bars are visible in the firebox.

A flat base of firebricks lying on ceramic blanket.

The layout of two opposing fireboxes and the start of the exit flue and chimney.

Firebox with perforated kiln shelf raised a few inches from the floor.

The twin flues with one starting to be covered with firebricks.

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